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- Production Process-

How we bring the purest food to your table

It all starts with sourcing high quality raw materials which are then cleaned and stored in large grain silos where the special aeration system helps to maintain grain quality with controlled temperature and moisture levels.

Automated processing plants process the raw material to produce best-in-class products which are then fumigated to improve shelf life and packed hygienically in standard-approved packaging material. The end products are stored in a safe, clean place before being transported to dealers and retailers.

Best practices are followed at every stage, and plants are fully automated to ensure no contamination from human hands.

- Production Process


Only the finest high quality raw materials, direct from India’s best farms.

- Production Process

Cleaning + Storage

In large silos with special aeration system to maintain grain quality.

- Production Process


Automated processing technology to produce best-in-class products.
- Production Process


Standard-approved packaging material, following best hygiene norms.

- Production Process


Safe, clean warehousing before transportation to dealers & retailers.